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Medical Tubing & Cable

Innovative system provider in medical heat shrink, tubing, cable and accessories

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The Interconnect Solutions Group has one of the largest stock of medical tubing in Europe, which ensures on-time delivery to our customers. Our specialist staff can assist in sourcing relevant solutions to your challenges, such as surgical tubing, HF Technology and catheter products, in materials with tolerance to fluids and sterilisation.


We can support production requirements with scheduled deliveries to optimise customer stock inventory and customise high-performance products to meet your specific needs, including small batches and prototyping, even in fractional sizes and tight tolerance levels. Our processes and engineering expertise can boost your product precision and performance.


Medical/Surgical Tubing - resistant to sterilisation, fluids and chemicals


- Heat shrink tubing

- Single lumen tubing

- Micro-sized tubing

- Co-extrusion & multi-layers, stripes and lumen liners

- Cables