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Save Space, Reduce Weight and Boost Performance

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The demanding environments of engines and wings present challenges of temperature extremes, vibration, mechanical abuse, and exposure to hydraulic oils and other fluids. From protective sleeving to ruggedised wire and cable, we supply approved & tested products that perform to the standards appropriate to the stresses of the aerospace environment. Many products meet or exceed a range of industry recognised standards such as Boeing, Airbus, BAE, Bombardier, Rolls Royce, EADS.


(AS27759, AS81044, EN2266, EN2267, EN2713, EN2714, BMS 13-48, BMS 13-60, ABS, NSA etc)


Commercial aircraft contain around 200 miles of wiring, so significant weight reductions can be made with lightweight, thinner wire and cable resulting in increased efficiency and performance for aerospace harnessing needs.


- Light-weight materials

- Size reduction and miniaturisation

- Increased efficiency

- Long-term reliability and robustness for critical systems